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SMI’s presentation

10 juin 2009

Since 1995, the Ardeche’s SMI information highways helps the local communities to manage the communication and information technologies (TIC). It gathers more of the 4/5e of the 339 Ardeche’s communes and some of them from the departments adjoining the Drome and the Loire’s French departments. It is an intercommunity association (SMI).

It was founded in November 1995 by Jacques Dondoux and Maurice Quinkal. Mister Dondoux was at that time a general advisor as well as Saint-Agreve’s mayor. St Agreves is a market town of the ardeche high plateau located at an altitude of 1000 meters. Maurice Quinkal was Vion’s mayor which is a village of the Right Bank of the Rhone. The SMI of the Info highways [1] of Ardeche count on a simple postulate only for these department where the road communications were particularly difficult because of the topography. In that reason the electronic communications would offer a strategic alternative for the development of the territories. In a few years it has grown from 2 member communes to more than 280 nowadays.

Its missions have been developed a lot since its foundation (to refer to the original statutes). In 1996, its actions were shared out into three axes :
- the equipment and the Internet access of the elementary schools
- the development of a servicing platform and Internet services
- the organization of an Internet public network access

Today, its actions of equipment keep going on, depending on each town halls needs and the global operations are leaded with its partners. But it is especially its range of services which have been considerably improved. It is in the forefront of the dematerialization of the public procedures. It has set up a service of maintenance and assistance for the common materials and softwares of the member communes. It ensures the first level of the maintenance on council management software (counted, salary, etc).

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